The Borg Cyberworld

The Kankelborg Kronicles

Volume 8, Christmas 2000

Emma making cookies.

Emma likes making (and eating) cookies.

Twas the month before Christmas and all through the house

Not a computer was stirring, not even the mouse.

We poked and we prodded, "Just what could it be?"

So finally we purchased a Norton CD.

We worked day and night til the disk appeared sound

And dug through the closet til the backups were found.

The bits are all back in their places today

So "Back up your data, back it up," I now say.

Now work can begin on our new Christmas letter,

This year, perhaps, it will be even better.

We think the computer had just been infected

With a virus of rhyming and now we’re affected.

Visits to Grandma in months two and eleven

Gave Grandma a smile — it was like heaven.

She’s coming for Christmas in Bozeman to see

Her wonderful, smiling, cute patootie.

Carey our houseguest was Emma’s big sister.

When she went back to Wheaton, Emma sure missed her

She came to our church to work with the youth

And we showed her Montana from North to the South.

Our friends Kyle and Carla got married this year

Their reception in Washington had us draw near

A trip out to Goddard allowed Charles to save

Some time for the wedding of Wendy and Dave.

In June we flew East to see family at home

Then Charles and Carol to Niagara, did roam.

A weekend alone, Emma at Grandmom’s contained,

And a good friend from school, Father Pete, was ordained.

Visitors have come, it’s good to remember,

Emma’s grandparents came in April and September.

For the trip in the fall they brought the whole crew

Kathy and Alan, Brent, Lindsay came too.

To Yellowstone we drove to sightsee the Park

Where millions of stars can be seen after dark.

The colors were wonderful that time of year.

We saw elk and coyotes and squirrels and deer.

The cousins together they had quite a blast

In June and September they made friends quite fast.

Three birthdays together made for lots of fun

Two cousins turned two and young Lindsay turned one.

Carol still sings in the barbershop chorus

She also likes hiking around in the forest.

The garden grew carrots and peppers and peas

And the fruits of her cooking continue to please.

Her baking as always both warms and delights

A blue ribbon next year is now in her sights.

This year at the fair, her entries took seven:

Five thirds and two seconds rose out of the leaven.

Charles writes papers and stares at the sun

He thinks launching a rocket would be lots of fun

So all summer long a proposal he wrote

To stay in Montana — that gets our vote.

The garage is now finished, the shop he was after

More tools from Tacoma, storage space in the rafters.

The screws and the nails all arranged in their jars,

Now if Carol’d just let him get rid of the cars.

Eleven’s the number of toes Emma had

Upon her two feet, which wasn’t so bad.

July was the month we to Boise did go

Then we came home again minus one toe.

Emma likes drawing and singing and more

And jumping around bounces curls galore.

Amusement by puzzles and books never fails

And she always likes watching the next Veggie Tales.

This year God has blessed us so far beyond measure

The beauty around us is surely His treasure.

And Emma continues to bring us such joy,

In character sweet, she’s outgoing yet coy.

May this season of Christmas bring boundless delight

As you reflect on the gift that God gave us that night

For this is a time of great holiday cheer.

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas, from the Kankelborgs!
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